On-Site Laboratory Behind every great dentist stands a great artist!

Fernando Campos Lab Director/Artist

Fernando Campos
Lab Director/Artist

Most dental offices send all their laboratory work to outside labs, some even outside of the country, but not here at TLC. We believe in a customizable experience. One size does not fit all. This is why we felt that it was imperative to build our own on-site lab. Our very talented lab technician, Fernando Campos, works closely with each of our TLC doc’s to produce a life-like, long-lasting restoration just for you.

Hola, I’m Fernando. I own our in-office dental lab. I started working with Dr Abbott in 1993. Now, Dental TLC is my only customer! Patients benefit from our team approach. Most lab technicians never see the patient. I’m lucky because the TLC dentists give me on-the-spot inspection. Communication like this means quality!

I love working with the Dental TLC “tribe.” We’re like a big happy family. Our patients really enjoy the experience too, I can tell by all the laughter. Ha! I hope we meet soon.