Insurance and Financing We try to make this painless, too.

First, some straight talk about insurance from Dr. Abbott.

Good news! At Dental TLC we are your insurance advocates. We file YOUR insurance and accept assigned benefits as a complimentary courtesy.

I ask you, “Who loves you more, Dental TLC or insurance company XYZ?” Unfortunately, these companies are under no obligation to give Dental TLC accurate information about YOUR policy. I hate to say it, but confusion and slowing down the payment process is profitable for them.

Dental Insurance is not really insurance, it’s a coupon! Think of it more as a finance plan where you pay into it, and they tell you how you can spend it. Every year it’s either “use it or lose it.” I think you get it.

We deal with hundreds of different policies from these companies. Let me introduce you to Angela & Veronica, our knowledgable insurance coordinators, who will advise you on how we can team up to maximize YOUR insurance benefits.

Dr. Abbott


Hi, we are Angela & Veronica, Dental TLC’s Insurance Coordinators

We want you to have a hassle-free experience when you have dental insurance.

Please, let us be clear, it is your responsibility to get us accurate, up to date information about your insurance coverage before your appointment. If you will help us, we will guide you through the tricky rules many of these plans have.

Listed below are the most common areas to pay attention to. Thanks!


Please check for and update the following:

  • Change of insurance company
  • Changes to existing policy
  • Check for dental not medical coverage (common mistake)
  • Update your name and address changes with your carrier and Dental TLC