Root Canal Dentist in Atlanta It's not like the movies

No need to hide under a rock if a dentist tells you that you need a root canal. Root canals have a bad reputation. Here at Dental TLC we specialize in changing your perception on this and other dental procedures.

The vast majority of root canal procedures proceed painlessly. With modern techniques and anesthetics many of our patients have reported that having a root canal is close to the same experience as having a filling done.

Root canal therapy is imperative to prolong the life of teeth that may have a deep cavity, fracture, or infection.

Progression of Decay- Diagnosis

Endodontic Abscess- Diagnosis

Cracked Tooth- Diagnosis

Root Canal – Treatment

Post-Operative Instructions for a Root Canal


Sedation Dentistry

If you have been delaying dental care because of fear or embarrassment, Dental TLC has a solution for you. Sedation dentistry!

Cleaning & Hygiene

Hygiene is for those of you fortunate enough to have healthy gums protecting the roots of the teeth and their surrounding bone.


Dental science has come a long way! Dental implants are now a safe, reliable and cost-effective way of replacing missing teeth.

Periodontal Care

From periodic maintenance visits to surgery, we will manage your gum disease at the very highest level.

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