Our Story Humble beginnings to fun dentistry

Dr. Abbott working as a young man

Dr. Abbott learning the meaning of hard work.

The Dental TLC story is how an average, small-town boy created Atlanta’s largest dental office by making patients and employees alike raving fans.

Hi, I’m Dr. Roger Abbott, founder. The story began in 1968 when my parents, Jim and Darlene Abbott fulfilled their small-business dreams and bought a motel and gas station in Keene, NY (pop. ~700) right in the heart of the Adirondack Mountains. I was a twelve year old “sponge” and was given a front row seat to watch the American Dream. Mom and Dad put me to work right away, they made it FUN!

I found out, in a small town, a handshake is like a legally binding agreement, because you have to live with the consequences. I graduated high school in a class of twelve! I learned to tell the truth even if it hurts, protect your name and to give people more than they expected.

Dr. Abbott as Army dental assistant

Dr. Abbott beginning his dental journey.

In 1973 a military recruiter saw my yearbook and read that my ambition was “to become a dentist.” He offered me a chance to be a dental assistant in the US Army and server near ski locations. I was 17 and jumped at the opportunity. I learned dentistry from the ground up and skied the Rockies and Alps. It was a great experience for a young person. The values that the US military trained into my being have been priceless.

Mother Nature wisely gave me an “incurable sweet tooth.” As a result, I have had tons of dental work and delivered by many different dentists. What an education! I understand dental anxiety at a gut level and you won’t find a more empathetic dentist! I love dentistry, I love serving patients. Our hand-picked staff love making your visits comfortable and enjoyable.

Dental TLC building entrance

Dental TLC in Sandy Springs, GA

I graduated from dental school in 1983, moved to Atlanta in 1990 and bought a vacant dental office in our present location. I hired one staff person, we had two dental chairs and we were in business! The first thing we did was set up the music system and the free laughing gas. Comfort and FUN!

Now, we still have that small-town feel but with over thirty staff members and twenty eight dental chairs! We call ourselves “The Tribe.” Our people are selected first, for their ability to get along with others. We are fun, hard-working and eager to serve you. I humbly ask you to read Dental TLC’s consumer reviews on websites like Yelp or Kudzu. We know, we have to earn those 5 star reviews one visit at a time.

Thanks for reading,
Dr. Abbott