Restorative Dentistry in Atlanta First impressions are everything!

We all know that the appearance of your smile makes an important impression of you on other people. If your smile has teeth that are stained, chipped, or decaying Dental TLC has good news. We can perform a smile makeover for the look you have always wanted. Best of all these services can be done quickly, safely and comfortably. People will notice!

All Porcelain or Zirconia Crowns

A crown is meant to protect a tooth that is weakened from a breakage, fracture, or decay. At Dental TLC we use all porcelain and zirconia crowns that are strong and look natural. You’ll look good as new! It will be our little secret.

Crown Prep with Core Buildup

Post-Operative Instructions for a Temporary Crown

Post-Operative Instructions for a Crown

All Porcelain Bridges

Bridge – Anterior Teeth Impressions

Bridge – Posterior Teeth Impressions

Post-Operative Instructions for a Temporary Bridge

Post-Operative Instructions for a Bridge

Caring for a Bridge (Traditional)

Bridge vs an Implant

Dental Bonding “Tooth Colored Fillings/Tooth Colored Resurfacing”

Modern dental science has developed new and shockingly tooth-like materials that have changed the world of dentistry. At Dental TLC we use them to comfortably restore decayed or broken teeth back to their natural looking state. We also use them to enhance minor cosmetic flaws in a very affordable way. With over 20 different shades, we are confident to find a customized shade to match your other teeth or brighten up your entire smile!

Posterior Composite

Composite Filling (Anterior)

Gum-line Composite Restoration

Post-Operative Instructions for a Composite Filling

Filing vs Crown (Impressions)


Sedation Dentistry

If you have been delaying dental care because of fear or embarrassment, Dental TLC has a solution for you. Sedation dentistry!

Cleaning & Hygiene

Hygiene is for those of you fortunate enough to have healthy gums protecting the roots of the teeth and their surrounding bone.


Dental science has come a long way! Dental implants are now a safe, reliable and cost-effective way of replacing missing teeth.

Periodontal Care

From periodic maintenance visits to surgery, we will manage your gum disease at the very highest level.