Dental Care Payment Plan – Smile Advantage Membership Plan

No Dental Insurance?  No Problem!  Check out our in-house membership plan!

Why deal with the high premiums and hassle of dental insurance?  With our in-house Smile Advantage membership plan, you can get the quality dentistry you need at an affordable price!

Smile Advantage Membership Plan

Our Membership Plans Include:

  • Up to 2 Exams, Routine Cleanings and Necessary X-rays
  • Perio Plan includes 4 Periodontal Maintenance Cleanings
  • 1 Emergency Care Visit: Exam and Necessary X-rays
  • Oral Cancer Screening with Each Routine Visit
  • Child Plan includes 2 Fluoride Treatments when indicated
  • Free Nitrous Oxide
  • Full Mouth Whitening- Only $149 (1st year memberships only. Refill kits available for each year membership is renewed.)
  • 10% off oral care products
  • 15% Discount on All Other Dental Treatment – No additional Discounts Available

No Dental Insurance Hassle!

  • NO Yearly Maximums
  • NO Deductible
  • NO Claim Forms
  • NO Frequency Limitations
  • NO Pre-Authorization Requirements
  • NO Pre-Existing Condition Limitations
  • NO Denial of Coverage
  • NO Waiting Period (Immediate Eligibility)

Plans and Pricing:

  • Child (ages 1-12):
    $463 per year
  • Adult (ages 13+):
    $487 per year
  • Perio (all ages):
    $868 per year

It is very important to be aware that if you sign up for the Adult Plan at the time of your initial appointment you will have a comprehensive examination and full set of x-rays completed. If, at this initial visit, you are diagnosed with active periodontal infection or a history of periodontal disease, you would not be able to have a regular cleaning (prophylaxis) completed and will need to convert (pay the difference) to upgrade to the Periodontal Plan.

If you have active periodontal disease or infection and a deep cleaning (scaling and root planing) is needed, please note that this initial Perio therapy is NOT included in the cost of the plan and would incur additional fees, though the 15% discount for Treatment would apply.

The Perio Plan is intended for patients with active periodontal infection or a history of periodontal disease after the initial deep cleaning (perio therapy) has been completed.